Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Thankful Tuesday

Today, I am thankful for:
  • Snow that is NOT going to hit here.  My snow dance card is still full from the last few.  I am prayerful for the Midwest...that it isn't as bad as they say it is gonna be.
  • Three wonderful (MUCH older) sisters that help bear the load of being in the sandwich generation.  It is really nice how we all have different giftings to bring to the table.  It sure isn't easy, but we laugh...ALOT and loudly.
  • Three wonderful daughters that keep me on my toes, spiritually speaking.  They have increased my authenticity 3 fold.  They have also increased my stress levels, insanity levels and grocery bills, but I wouldn't change a thing!
  • Getting older...SHUT UP...I am aging gracefully, I hope.
  • Audio books and regular books.  When I was younger, I loved escaping to another world.  Now it is a habit I'm not sure I could live without. 
  • Friends who allow me to be on their adoption journeys.  There is nothing more exciting than seeing a family enlarged by the miracle of adoption.
  • School.  It has really been a blessing, despite the challenges it brings.  I still believe teachers who love and care for their students have the most rewarding and most challenging jobs ever.  To have that much influence over a young life is a powerful and amazing calling.
  • My home.  Sometimes I get house envy-especially when I go visit someone in a brand new house.  However, we have more than enough and it is a home filled with life and love.  A new house would solve some problems, yes, but it would also usher in a whole new set of problems.
  • My job.  I have the most flexible job ever.  It almost seems as though I don't even have a job.  LOL.  I have worked one day so far.  That would be alot cooler if I was salaried. 
  • Computers.  They have enhanced my life in so many ways.  Even though I sometimes long for the old days (but with running water and flushable commodes), now is pretty awesome!
  • Church Camp!  We are registered!!  WAHOO!
  • I could go on and on forever...when you count your blessings it can't help but be a great day.

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