Saturday, January 29, 2011


  • I have slept in a little, but do not consider 8:30 truly sleeping in.  I wake my kids up Monday thru Friday.  They return the favor on the weekend.  It is wrong.
  • I made my all time high score on word search on Facebook.  I thought I was immune to Facebook gimmicks...oh but I love love love a good word search.  Add a timer, points and competition and I am hooked.
  • I listened to Lilly sing her heart out almost all day and play her piano just for fun and wondered for the fifty-eleventh time how I can fit her piano lessons back into our life.  Her teacher was awesome and Lilly is a natural.  Top of the 'make it happen' list.
  • I decided to take a day off from the hospital and nursing home.  Actually I am officially taking two days off because I am not going tomorrow either.  (Side note: My mom fell in the shower last Sunday and broke her pelvis and a rib and has a huge hematoma on her back.  Because she is in the hospital, my stepfather had to have a temporary stay in the nursing home.)  I have been every day this week to both places except Wednesday, which was a snow day. 
  • I happily made seafood alfredo from the ingredients my husband brought home.  It was delicious and was a perfect reward for him washing the cars today.
  • I caught up on laundry almost completely.  Completely is a dream people!!  Not reality.
  • I read and caught up on the blog of friends at church in the process of adoption.  They saw their boy today.  I'm really emotional already.  My eyes may have watered a tiny bit.  Being fixed doesn't remedy the kind of baby fever watching this process gives me.  Such an amazing gift for everyone involved.  Parallels with the salvation story so much...what a blessing!
  • I planned my whole evening around attending a homecoming game so I could see one of my favorite teens from church be in the homecoming court.  I learned that homeschool queen coronation does not occur during half-time of a basketball game, it happens way before and completely separate from the game.   Sooo, next time we do something schoolish, we will be sure we are armed with all of the details since I do not know the rules. 
  • I was bummed about the aforementioned, but I did get to watch one of my former Girl Scouts play some basketball and wave to a couple of others.  We stayed for the entire girl's game and half of the boy's game.  The girls played a tough game, but lost and the boys were losing at half time.  It has been many years since I attended a high school basketball game and I really like watching basketball every now and then.  I played basketball in middle school and loved every minute of it.  I also went to all the high school basketball games in early middle school-before my county consolidated.  I loved it.  In high school, not so much-the school was way bigger and I did not know everyone so it didn't feel so much like MY team.
  • Now, I am at last catching up on my blog.  And I thought I didn't have anything to blog.

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