Saturday, February 12, 2011

Random and Odd

  • My kids were out of school the whole week...maybe an hour on Monday and then no more.  WOW.  Summer just got alot shorter.
  • We went to the library today.  And felt like guests.  Lilly even said, "Since it isn't OUR library any more, I need to wait and go upstairs with you."  Also, we left with 7 movies and 3 books.  That is not a proper homeschooling ratio. (I felt like Heather F.!)
  • Sorting through curriculum, posting things for sale on YAHOO! loop, getting caught up on laundry, sorting through clothes in our drawers and closets to get out what we don't wear, reading Purpose Driven Life, Catching up on CBS workbook, getting walls in Erika's room ready to be painted, changing light bulb in bathroom...those were the things on my to-do list.  What did I actually do?  Slept in and watched TV.
  • Itty Bitty Kitty/Black Black is now officially trained to come sit in your lap when you wiggle your fingers.  Of course her mere 6 lbs doesn't feel as cozy as Gray Gray's 13 lbs did, but it's close.
  • My Nook has books downloaded onto it at last.  That only took a week!  Note to the wise: IF you don't have WIFI at home, shell out the extra $50 for anywhere WIFI built in.
  • Along with sleeping in, I have reacquainted myself with staying up too late, not counting calories, not exercising and generally feeling like crap as a result of all of those.  Hand me my beer and cigarettes...LOL, just kidding.
That is all for now, I really should be sleeping instead of regaling you with the tales of my amazingly productive week!

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Hula Girl at Heart said...

The weather this week has been detrimental to my motivation. Well, that and my sinus eruption.