Thursday, December 23, 2010


This day started out happy, with plans in place to have relatives join us for lunch.  Much excitement and anticipation. 

Then Erika found MY cat and best friend, Gray Gray, dead.  We all cried much because she was the best cat ever.  Seriously, we have not ever had any problems with her AND she was lovable.  She was an amazing mouser and she was a great mom to too many litters of kittens.  (She went through a very promiscuous phase during which we could not get her fixed before she was pregnant again.) She would eat any type of food.  She would use her litter box even when it needed to be scooped.  She was always up for snuggling, I would just wiggle my fingers and she would be in my lap.  She also did not hold a grudge if I had to get up and go pee as soon as she got good and comfy.  In fact, she would keep my seat warm while I was gone.  I am sooo sad and I miss her so much already.  Movies will never be the same.

She is laid to rest by the edge of the woods. Gray Gray-you were loved and you are greatly missed.

I am glad we had plans with our cousins today because playing is a good way to forget sadness for a while.


Ami said...

Sorry about your kitty. I fall in love with all the animals we get.. and I know how it hurts to lose one.

~Stephanie said...

Oh, Janice, I'm so sorry. I know GrayGray will be missed.