Friday, December 24, 2010

The Christmas Letter 2010

          The Eicholtz Family 2010 Christmas Letter!

So, has this year’s gas pedal been stuck on accelerate for you too? I am now a mom to two teenagers, (Erika and Kayla) and one (Lilly) that wishes with all her heart that she was too. With each passing day, I am reminded to make it count, take the extra time to savor the sweet joys of life and take nothing for granted. Now, here is some of what we have been up to this year:

The highlights:

• School and extra-curricular: science bowl, engineering day, writing class, art club, purity retreat, spelling bee, book fair, drama camp, 4H camp, Summer Celebration at Lipscomb College, country ham curing, Hershey’s state track meet, state fair (blue ribbon for our country ham!), tennis, drama club, Community Bible Study, science fair, Camp Currie, Civil War days, Begg’s family farm, Girl Scouts, and Teen Court

• Travel: In March, we visited Frank and Fab in Palm City, Florida. We also visited Danny and Wanda in Orlando and discovered that, even in the pouring rain, Disney is still the happiest place on earth. We also found time to meet up with my cousin Jerry and his wife, Dorothy, for dinner while in the sunshine state. In the summer, we visited Holiday World and Venture River.

• Life: Late in the fall, after purchasing our curriculum and beginning the school year as homeschoolers, we made the decision for all the kids to re-enter public school. Lilly is 4th grade and Erika is at glorious middle school. As of January 3, Kayla will join Erika at middle school. This was a really tough decision, but necessary. After 7 years of lesson plans and grading papers, I just really needed a break. The kids also needed time to be away from each other. It is quite an adjustment, but the schools are excellent and so far, so are the girls’ grades.

It has been a year of changing and growing for us-as is every year. I am, as always, excited at the thought of a new calendar year. We know there are more changes and challenges on the horizon for us, but we continue to keep our faith firmly in the Lord and Savior whose birth we celebrate this Christmas. We sincerely wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

May God bless you!

Erik, Janice, Erika, Kayla, and Lilly

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