Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Filling

The best thing about a pie is the filling.  The crust is just necessary to hold all the filling in.  Everyone comes with a crust that is predetermined...but the filling is up to us. 

The crust is my physical make-up, my intelligence, my personality, and my gifts.  The filling is all the delicious relationships and wonderful people in my life.  The vacations I take.  All of my memories, even a dash of salty ones here and there.  The experiences I have, risks I take, skills I learn and stories in my head.

I have to remember that my crust has limitations.  However, my filling is limitless.  AND, I want a deep dish pie with lots of filling!

How are you filling your pie?  My filling is making precious memories with my family right now.  I am savoring the few years I have left with all three girls still in a state of somewhat dependence.


E.T.'s Mom said...

I thought you promised an easy question this time! "How are you filling your pie?"????? I have to go think about it for a while.

Hula Girl at Heart said...

" The crust is just necessary to hold all the filling in."---I love that.

My filling seems to be a litty runny these days. Perhaps, I should quit trying to squeeze so much into the crust at one time. I don't think it has time to gel.