Wednesday, December 01, 2010


True Confession:  I had a major cheatfest over Thanksgiving.  It started with a little dab here, a spoon full of this and a spoon full of that.  It became whatever I wanted whenever I wanted it.  To great in, I, who never buy movie concessions, bought a large popcorn to enjoy during Harry Potter movie(LOVED it!) and got a REFILL.  Granted, it was for all of our family, but I still ate a whole lot of popcorn yumminess.  Popcorn is one of the things on my no-no list-even though I don't get extra butter.

Today is day 3 of no cheating.  It has taken much longer to shake the cravings this time...but I think I am out of withdrawal.  Apparently one small cheat here or there doesn't really create much of an uproar.  However, unbridled CARB enjoyment over several days is like a junkie relapse.  I don't plan to cheat again any time soon.  I'd like to say never, but one day at a time and all.  I did pack on about 4 of my lost pounds, but they have left now with my returning good behavior.  Weight loss is SOOOOOOO hard.  It is a constant fight and food is EVERYWHERE!!  I remain committed.

Major things we have done that I have not blogged about:
  • We bought our Christmas tree from a local charity and put it up earlier than we ever have before.  It is all nice and decorated and has been since the weekend.  The tree looks really great and so does the room it is in.  The rest of the house needs serious intervention.
  • Lilly's theater group performed their Christmas play Monday night.  It was The Best Christmas Pageant Ever  and it was great.  I am so proud of Lilly, she really enjoyed it and they all did a great job. Now she begins practices for the school play coming up mid-December.
  • I have made major progress in Christmas shopping.  I even have a few things wrapped already!  I have made zero progress in the CARD department though.
  • Last night, the older girls and I had a reunion with my friend Karri and her girls from Houston.  They met with several of us that used to do home school support meetings together.  The girls sat at one table and caught up.  The moms were at another.  Not sure which group had the most fun.  It was terrific and just what I needed.  It did remind me just how much I miss my friend though-she is one of the most encouraging people I know.  HOUSTON IS SO FAR AWAY.
Today at Bible study, we were asked the question:  What is my Isaac?  What is God asking me to sacrifice so that he can show His glory through my life.

I think I may know the answer already but I am going to study on it for a few days and let it 'stew'.

How about you?


Anonymous said...

Be glad the weight came off! I totally cheated. Ate anything and everything I wanted. Pounds are here to stay...for a while anyway. :o/ Oops! Being huge pregnant at Thanksgiving and Christmas is just cruel!

E.T.'s Mom said...

Contol. I want to have it all figured out and He wants me to let him be God.