Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I don't stay up late anymore.  Every day my alarm goes off at 6:30 and I arise and try to remember that I am blessed.  When I make a rare exception and stay up late, I pay for it for many days in a row as I fight the urge for an all-day nap.

I don't really watch much TV anymore because someone usually needs help with her homework...or at least nagging.  I'm basically living the changes I tried to make when I was homeschooling-getting up earlier and watching less TV.  It is not the miraculous cure-all I thought it would be.  I have no more motivation to do housework now than I did before.  Funny how we imagine that some changes will suddenly and amazingly transform our lives into what we always wanted.  Most change just doesn't pack that kind of ammo. 

Slowly, painstakingly slowly, I am making positive (I think) changes for my health and for the well-being of my children.  Momma is far too grouchy and mean to spend the day educating my children at home...that is what I mean by the well-being of my children.  We are not all liking all of the changes.  There are even more on the horizon.  Today, I hope to accomplish some more much-needed decluttering and some cleaning.  Change is hard, progress makes it possible. 

When I think about where I started this decluttering journey, I am inspired.  My house and my body both are so much healthier.

How about you...any changes going on in your life?

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E.T.'s Mom said...

Oh yes, big changes. Getting ready for a third child with all the craziness that will bring....and looking forward to it! I'm *trying* to enjoy these "easy" days with only two kids.