Thursday, July 01, 2010


This is just a quick post featuring my favorite format, bullets.
  • I insisted the girls pack very carefully.  I went through everything they packed for this outing.  I reminded them to pack socks, undies, toothbrush, etc, misc.  They did not forget anything.  HOWEVER, I forgot to pack underwear for MYSELF!!  (Thank you, God, for laptops, wi-fi, mapquest and Dollar General.)  
  • I hate communal showers and rooms without personal bathrooms.
  • The seminars here are awesome.  Three loud and clear messages impacting me today and forever more:  1.  Love means caring about someone else's relationship with God more than their relationship with you.  2.  Severing a relationship over a difference of any sort effectively says, "I want my way more than I want this relationship."  OUCH!  That is really mean when you look at it that way, isn't it? 3.  Our church is light years from other Churches of Christ.  I sat at a table with an elderly couple that spoke on how they long for younger families to attend their church.  In the next breath, they criticized their new young pastor's wife for not always attending church with her teen aged son on Wednesday night and questioned her Christianity to me, a total stranger.  They pursed their lips and moved away pretty soon after I told them my kids often have to talk me into going to church on Wednesday nights.  Come on young families, come feel the love, is the answer they seek.  All you need is love, love...Love is all you need.
  • This is the most beautiful college campus I have ever been on...probably should mention that I have only been on four other campuses (campi?) and two of those were community colleges.  However, do other college campi have porch swings sprinkled throughout the yard?  Porch swings are awesome.
  • My daughters are all three having several best days ever in a row.  They may even forgive me for the whole PBC debacle.
  • I should be sleeping...wi-fi, you spoil me.


Sara said...

I am so glad you took the girls and are enjoying Summer Celebration!

I love that campus as's holds some really life changing memories for me (including where Mike and I fell in love.)

I'm just jealous we aren't there to enjoy it! NEXT YEAR!


E.T.'s Mom said...

Yes, it was so fun! You describe it well.