Monday, June 28, 2010


I just got my butt kicked in tennis...and it hurt really bad.  I thought I was really playing well in my beginner league. (Last week we won in a tiebreaker!)  One of the girls in the other duo tonight was NOT a beginner.  At least not in the sense the rest of us are in this league.  It did teach me a lot though.  I was kind of thinking that even though my serve had a high arch, it didn't matter that much.  Tonight taught me that someone who knows what they are doing will whoop up on you with a ball like that-plenty of time to plan their return.  Also, every time we would get a volley going and it would get up to a certain speed, I lost it.  I just love this game and how it is fun and yet challenging.  I can't wait til next match.

Today, the girls and I spent all day visiting a friend who is camping.  She has a couple of other friends there too.  We had a fun day...eventually, after the girl drama wound down.  There were a lot of girls in the 9-13 range and gosh that is almost more than you can bear.  We swam and hung out and just had nice visiting time.  I am sure to sleep very well and very easily tonight!

Tennis and friends-it doesn't get any better...oh wait, it does.  Tonight I cozy up in my bed with hubby, not in a camper.  Plus my shower is indoors and bug free.  Counting my blessings.

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Hula Girl at Heart said...

Ha, I just ran into another friend of mine who is in a beginner tennis league. She is loving it at age 40 and traveled to a tournament this past weekend. I love it when folks rediscover sports after they're grown.

This post reminded me of one of my first races when the 70 plus year old man with the six pack abs left me in his dust in the first mile. I immediately hated him. But I wanted to be him.