Sunday, June 06, 2010

A Fish Tale

I am taking a little break from the massive house cleaning I am trying to do.  I am blogging during that break because I don't really want my political post to be up any longer.  I believe what I believe politically very strongly.  Like most people, I also believe I am right.  If we didn't believe what we believe, we wouldn't believe it, now would we?  All of that to say, when we have political opinions, we can often have feelings towards people that are not really fair.  Some folks are very intolerant.  I believe most people that read my blog regularly are just as tolerant of my beliefs as I am of theirs  AND we embrace whatever differences we have.  I also know there are many who completely disagree with me and my favorite talk radio folks.  So, out of respect...something else to look at, something non-political.

We spent nearly the entire day fishing yesterday.  I sort of let spontaneity take over our day.  We started at a local park having a fishing event for kids.  Lilly got there early and got a free cane pole and a goody bag.  Then she was able to fish for 2 and a half hours to try to catch the biggest fish. (We all fished but only hers would count in the contest.) She caught 8 fish in the course of the contest.  They were the tiniest bluegill I had ever seen.  We knew she wasn't in the running with her 6 inch catch but she was having fun catching fish.  At one point she even caught two fish on the same with the hook, the other by its fin being wrapped in the fishing line.  It was much fun.  As it turned out, in her age group, a 6 inch fish was large enough to be the winner and she got a really cool fishing trophy.  Then,  I won a door prize drawing that got us all kinds of yard water toys, a badmitton/volleyball set, sidewalk chalk and a jumbo sunscreen.  It was fabulous.  We all left with big smiles on our faces.

After that, we were all grungy and gross.  We had planned on attending a wedding but there was no time left for every one to make their way through the shower AND after sweating for 3 hours+ we all needed a shower.  We made the decision to head to a neighboring town for the Superman festival instead.  Upon arriving, we saw no festivities.  Then we heard the commercial announcing it...for next weekend.  We hit some consignment stores, scored some bargains and headed home.  We cooked frozen pizzas and then went off to yard sale(it was 400 miles of yard sales weekend) on our way to our next fishing destination.  Erik did not get to travel on with us because he had a gig and needed to rest to get ready for it.  So sad...he really loves yard sales, NOT!!!!

At out next fishing location, we discovered boat races.  I had it all planned out in my head where we would all stand and that we could even wade in the water but that bay was wall to wall testosterone...I mean boat racing enthusiasts.  We then went with plan B.  Plan B yielded the biggest surprise ever.  The most unlikely person I would ever imagine running into while fishing.  Stephanie!!! And she was fishing too.  (Her 'play' clothes are just as nice as her regular clothes-it was cute.) We were delighted.  We visited a bit and then went to our own fishing spot.  We fished for an hour and a half or so and after Lilly was still the only person who could catch a fish decided to seek fish elsewhere. 

Lo and behold Greg and Stephanie were still fishing so we visited again.  This time we stayed long enough for Lilly to go on and on about cleavage, breast buds, and other embarrassing topics to numerous to mention. (In other words, more than 5 minutes-wink, wink) I am believing God that He will give me the tools to help her develop a filter.  I was very outspoken as a child.  I had never met a stranger.  BUT, there were topics that I would never have even thought to discuss.  Thankfully though it was Steph and she lives with Greg so embarrassing things are her forte...heehee.

We finalised the day with milkshakes which is always the perfect end to a good day.  And showers.  Showers are awesome after a day of grungy.

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Jason, as himself said...

"If we didn't believe what we believe, we wouldn't believe it, now would we?"

This is my favorite line of the week!

Breast buds? Oh dear.