Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tennis Anyone?

I fell in love with tennis watching Chris Evert Lloyd.  When I was a young girl, I didn't just become a fan...I wanted to BE that person when I grew up.  It started with Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman. Oh yes, I DID have wonder woman Underoos.  Then it was Chris Evert Lloyd, then Stephanie Zimbalist('Laura' from Remington Steele). (Side note-I recently checked out Remington Steele episodes from the library and while I idolized that show as a young girl, it really sucks.)  I digress, rewind to Chris.  I was always teased for my 'thunder thighs', so when I watched tennis I just figured that was a perfect outlet for my big thighs.  I dreamed of someday playing tennis. 

HOWEVER, I come from small town America and there was no tennis available.  So I played yard sports in the summer with my neighbors and girl's basketball in middle school.  I never really liked to run and so I was done playing basketball after middle school.  I loved the game, I just hated running laps and sprints which would have increased in high school.  That was pretty much it for my sports career-I never tried anything else.  I played softball any time I got the chance, but that wasn't often and I was never very good.

When Kayla, my middle child, wanted to play tennis a few years ago, I did consider letting her play.  You know- living vicariously and such.  The only problem was that all the tennis programs were so stinking expensive.  Then there were a few summer classes but they never fit into our schedule.  So, this March when Lilly decided she wanted to play tennis, I was on the look-out for some tennis opportunities but I was NOT optimistic.  A few weeks ago, one fell in my lap.  Only $40 and all supplies-racket and balls-would be supplied.  It is what is known as Quickstart tennis and it is modified to make the game a bit easier and less frustrating for the younger crowd.  She started playing Wednesday night and she loved it.  She is so excited.  Hopefully there will be some openings for Erika and Kayla later-their age groups are full right now. 

So, at the parent's meeting it was mentioned that there was a grown-up Quickstart team as well if I wanted to sign up.  Oh yes, I did so very want to.  So I signed up and had my first match tonight.  I am hooked.  I just love it.  It is hard and I lack knowledge of the rules of play and everything else, but it is a sport I really like.  We have a coach talking us through everything and we are all beginners, so it is just PERFECT.  It is the perfect kind of hard-you can progress.  Play is slow and easy when you are a beginner and will get more challenging as I get better. 

The best part of the whole night tonight was that, because of aerobics for all these months, I am in shape.  I wasn't huffing and puffing.  It was way easier than aerobics but it is still really good exercise.  I am a long way from skinny-but I am in shape again and it feels great.  Anyone free for a friendly game of tennis with a rank amateur?

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E.T.'s Mom said...

That is so cool! I love that you have this opportunity to pick up something you always wanted to do. And it's always a plus when excercise can be disguised as fun! Sounds like a winner.