Friday, June 04, 2010

A Few Rants

  • Hating BP is about as effective in cleaning up the oil spill as hating Obama.  BP wants the leak plugged more than anyone and Obama is just as clueless about oil spills as he is job creation.  This is a huge disaster that was bound to happen sooner or later...kind of like a certain nuclear plant that is located in the ocean.  Our country has done many things in a very stupid way and we WILL pay for that stupidity...hopefully not all at once.  Try praying for a successful resolution and save your hating for the porn industry.
  • I agree with almost everything Sean Hannity says, however, I can not STAND to listen to him.  Why did you leave talk radio, Bill O'Reilly???  I miss you each and every day.  Thank goodness for Glenn Beck.  AND, well, Rush is always shocking and entertaining.  So many people just don't get that he means to stir it up-he is a radio's entertaining.  His goal is to rile up the press and he does it EVERY single minute of every day.
  • AND, on that note, I am so tired of people having a free pass to bash conservatives-AKA, teabaggers.  I could make fun of Obama every day and also the liberal agenda (there IS one).  I choose not to, it is a free country.  I try to never bash, except the media-they break every single rule of journalism and it makes me livid.  I don't boil down catastrophes to the president.  I don't think Bush caused Katrina anymore than Obama caused the oil spill. 
  • Teabaggers are not the freaks you see portrayed by the media.  They are not a bunch of right wing Republicans, they are probably mostly independents.  As a group, we do not hate minorities, including homosexuals.  AND if you think that is the agenda, you are drinking the Koolaid the media is serving up.   In fact, I would wager there are quite a few minorities and homosexuals that are pretty fed up with our governments lack of restraint when it comes to taxes and spending. Teabaggers are your close friends and neighbors fed up with the VAST amount of money the government wastes.  If you don't think the government takes your money in taxes and then completely wastes it on crap???  Well, you need to do a little more research that isn't tied to a 'media' outlet.
  • I am selfish, selfish, selfish this summer.  In the school year, my life pretty much revolves around my children.  Their education and the activities associated with it are first and foremost-even trumping laundry.  While I do want them to have a fun summer and I have enrolled them in some fun things, the other days are mine and I shall do exactly what I feel like and no more.  Don't mess with me, kiddos.
  • I feel better now, thank you to all of my readers who disagree with me politically but respect my right to freedom of expression as strongly as I respect yours.


Jason, as himself said...


I try not to bash either.

I'm just pretty fed up with government in general. It seems nobody really knows what they're doing.

Hula Girl at Heart said...

I will defend your right to free speech until my last breath.

My problem with Rush is that I regularly hear him use incorrect information to support his views. If he tweaked only the media it wouldn't bother me. However, a lot of folks who don't multi source their research on various issues take everything he says as gospel and react accordingly. In my opinion he's gone from using satire to provoke thought to just saying anything he knows will fan the flames and keep him popular enough to stay on the radio. I don't find him relevant anymore.
Sean Hannity seems to love himself as much as his country, and if you think he and Fox aren't purposefully pandering to angry white Americans as a way to increase their ratings, you must do some research on that. Fox is not about patriotism, it's about money, pure and simple and it bothers me that a lot of folks are fooled by their graphics and flag waving rhetoric.

I am neither liberal nor conservative, but I am fed up with being labeled a liberal because I don't like Rush or I dare to question some of the Teabagger logic.

I was taught to respect my President, so I will not bash him. He has quite a mess to clean up, and he can't do alone. I'm just a voter who is fed up with government in general and fed up with all of the finger pointing by ALL political parties and loud mouthed (conversative AND liberal) pundits who do nothing to bring this nation together in a constructive way to solve our many issues.

Whew! I feel better. I love ya' honey, but Rush and Sean can sit down and shut up for all I care. They're just not entertaining to me anymore. The time for entertainment is over. It's time to get to work. In my opinion. ;)