Thursday, February 11, 2010

We returned today from a whirlwind trip to Evansville. I drove up Monday night in a SNOWSTORM when I realized the activity I had planned for the following day would not be a possibility. We finished up the book fair(Erika and Lilly both won in their age groups. Kayla's was really awesome, but her sister is tough competition.) and got home around 8PM, then we headed out about 9PM for the big town. Snow was really piled up by then and it was the worst driving conditions I have driven in a long time. However, snow driving really isn't bad unless you try to go too fast and I didn't. Mostly, I plugged myself in right behind a semi and tried to stay in it's tracks. There was an amazing amount of traffic. I knew the storm was coming up from the south and the closer I got to Evansville, the better the driving conditions would be. We arrived safe and sound a little before midnight.

We spent the next day sleeping in and chillaxin' (and being disagreeable siblings). However, because the bad weather cancelled his driver training class, Erik took annual leave and got off early. We went off in search of a brain sandwich (Hilltop Inn Restaurant)for hubby to try (two thumbs down-he did not finish his sandwich). After that, we visited the Willard Library. It is a beautiful old building that is reputed to be haunted. Oh my goodness, how could we miss a haunted library in all of our trips?? A really nice librarian gave us some old articles written about the library and we anticipate studying up on it.

After that, we went to the discount theater to see a movie I have been looking forward to seeing-Where the Wild Things Are. What a disappointment. I have never felt so much like asking for my money back after a movie. How they got all of that out of the storybook that I LOVE is a mystery to me. I also thought it was just a horrible movie for kids. My kids agreed. I hate dark, depressing movies that center around kids especially when they make single moms look permissive and neglectful. YUK. We came back to the hotel for swimming and working out.

The next day, we did the whole mall scene. Kayla bought an 'I eat brains' monster t-shirt to pay homage to her father. We also found the girls some cute dresses for the upcoming father-daughter dinner at our church. The girls are looking forward to their big dates with dad. I feel for him, it is really hard to date one woman, let alone three. The mall was a workout in and of itself, but I still worked out and did some swimming. I followed the diet pretty well-so hard to think about healthy choices when on 'vacation'.

When Erik got off work, we went to a Japanese hibachi restaurant-ZUKI. It was so much fun. Watching Lilly watch all that was going on was delightful. Big Fires, juggling, corny jokes and great food. It was very $$$ but really worth it when you factor in the entertainment factor.

Today was very anti-climactic. We visited the main library. We also went to our favorite drugstore, the one we have always killed time at when we had to drop Erik off for work. The lady that worked in the gift shop was so sweet. She is mom to three girls and has always remembered us. We usually found some treasure that we wanted there. Once she even gave Kayla a discount on a necklace that made it cost exactly what Kayla had to spend. We loved the store because we loved her. She no longer works there. Apparently, she followed her dream of becoming a teacher. It wasn't the same. I knew when we walked in and there were such uninteresting things in the gift shop that she wasn't there. A few minutes later, her inferior replacement greeted us. I asked about her and found out about the teacher thing. I know she is an awesome teacher. None of us want to go back to the drugstore again.

Then we went to Goodwill and found a couple of things, ate lunch and drove home. We took a bit of a scenic route home because I somehow missed the WKY parkway. Oh well, I wasn't too worried about it. Just a little less direct path home. It has been nice to be home. I had every intention of starting laundry...I talked myself out of it.

Tomorrow is INTENSE, but it will be fun. A little science, a bit of valentines, BBQ work for the chorus fundraiser and then THE OLYMPICS!!! I can't wait. I love the OLYMPICS.

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ghager said...

Dear Janice (Jan?),

Thank you for your recent visit to Willard Library and the kind words about us in your blog. Please visit again the next time you find yourselves in Evansville. If you are interested in our famous ghost, we do have 6 webcams set-up in the library to enable people from all over the world look for our famous ghost. You can visit these cams and find more information at our website:
More importantly, we don't have brain sandwiches!


Greg Hager
Willard Library