Saturday, February 13, 2010


  • Since I have started aerobics, lots of people are telling me, "Yeah, I need to do that." Then they ask me for more info, which I give them. As soon as I finish telling them when the classes are, they sigh and tell me they have no time to exercise. I know, I used that one for 14 years. I still don't really have 'time' to exercise. But I will not allow my lack of time to keep me at this ridiculously unhealthy weight anymore. If I were only 10-15 pounds overweight, I'm not sure I would have any time either.
  • My girls have a date with their dad tonight. He will be taking them to the father-daughter dinner at our church. They have lovely new dresses and they are so excited. I think he is too. I am going to help them get ready and then allow them the space to have good quality time together. I told my friend Reigh Anne that I don't even want to be there-I want him to have this time all to himself to really dote on them. AND, it's killing me because I would like to be a fly on the wall.
  • I feel really good right now. It isn't because life is super awesome, cause it never is. I think it is because I am taking time for myself-physically, spiritually and emotionally. In fact, I'd say some of my circumstances are the worst they have ever been, yet I am still better than OK. I am enjoying this feeling because like all feelings, it will pass. Every aspect of life is peaks and valleys. I think that is why I appreciate the peaks so much, I've had enough valleys to know the difference.

That's what is going on in the janjanmom noggin. My plans for today are: aerobics (done), lots of laundry, enjoy-make that SAVOR my time helping the girls get ready for a date with Dad, savor time alone in a quiet house, catch up on Bible study, be proud of myself for still losing weight despite being out of town-eating poorly at times and the OLYMPICS!!

I am now down about 12 pounds since starting my new way of life. Since starting aerobics, 5 pounds. I feel 10 years younger...except for the feeble knees. The knees make me feel rather grandmotherly.

Hee hee, that reminds me of Steph R now, the grandmother part, not the knees. You will be a great GRANDMA, Steph. Congrats and let the teasing begin. ( ;

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E.T.'s Mom said...

Yea for the daddy-daughter date! Can't wait to hear about their lovely evening. The girls are sure to treasure it for years to come.