Monday, February 08, 2010

Thank God, It's MONDAY!!

Thursday, chorus moms meeting. Friday, up at 4:30AM to be at a church parking lot at 5:30AM to accompany Lilly on her chorus trip. I had not seen 4:30AM in a long time. She still looks the same, fresh and unhampered by daylight. I don't plan to see her again for a LONG time. Our bus driver had overslept and our bus ran a bit late. I could have slept another 20 minutes!! That's okay though, I got to sleep on the bus and he did not. Then we made the trip to Louisville where Lilly and the other children in her chorus performed for music teachers. They actually served as a 'teaching prop' for Dr. A as he taught music educators how to develop the singing voices of children. It was a really neat class and based on the tons of people approaching him after the class, I think it was a success.

Then we were back to the hotel for a bit and then off to sup at the Spaghetti Factory. After returning to our room, I did something I have never done before. I worked out in the hotel exercise room. Without shoes because I did not PLAN on working out. It was good though, since I could not make my Saturday aerobics class. I don't want to lose any progress I have made. Still on track. I mostly followed my diet on the trip. I had a few more carbs than usual but it was unavoidable due to the pre-ordered meals. I also walked a ton more than usual so I neither gained or lost.

The only bad part of the trip was the bus ride home...either being scrunched in a seat or just all of the extra steps catching up with me made me almost unable to walk when we returned. BOTH knees and one of my ankles were sore. I unloaded the car and then I propped my feet in the recliner and remained mostly immobile. I did the same the next day as well. I look forward to the day when extra exercise doesn't just do me in. It took me 14 years to get into this poor shape and it will be a long process to get out of it. I just wish I could snap my fingers.

Today is a busy day!! EARLY this morning, Kayla went to the dentist and got her palate spreader taken out. She is so happy to have it gone. It took up most of the roof of her mouth, so eating was really slow going. NEXT. writing class, 4H, and then the BOOK FAIR!!! I am so excited about this event. My kids have all three done a really good job on their dioramas (shadow boxes). I look forward to seeing what all the kids will come up with. I love activities that make reading more fun.

Make the most of this lovely fresh Monday. I think I smell snow...

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E.T.'s Mom said...

Good job working out at the hotel! That is so easy to justify should get bonus points. :)