Monday, December 07, 2009

Weekend Flurry of Activiity

How much can you squeeze into a weekend?
  • Friday night movies watching, gig for Dad.
  • Saturday morning-character skate and down-town walk around to go get chocolate. Go to Southern Illinois to a tree farm. Pick out perfect tree, take lots of pictures with it...get told it has a 'fungus" problem and to please select another. Fight feelings of being annoyed with the truth that this guy cares about us getting a good tree that won't die. Choose another perfect tree, make photos. Ride in back of trailer back to tree farm 'home'. Watch them shake down the pine needles and wrap it up in a net for traveling home. Get some hot chocolate and animal crackers for the ride home.
  • Relax at home for approximately one hour and then get ready for the Christmas parade. Fight about arrival time and try to get everyone to their parade spot. Walk the parade, have a blast. Sneak up four floats ahead of the Postal floats to see Hulagirl, teen angel and teen angel's friend. Try to console Lilly who is about to die that we broke formation.
  • Come home and fall into bed exhausted.
  • Get up and attem for church. Look at netted tree on trailer and promise it we will get it in the house soon! Come home from church and get started tag teaming for house clean up and lunch prep. Eat and prepare to get house ready for decorate tree mode. As we move furniture, decide some touch up paint is required.
  • Mom finds paint and commences touching up some scuff marks. After mom has touched up a few spots, realize it is the wrong color paint. Keep painting considering it primer for the right color mom will find in a moment.
  • Look through all the paint in the closet for right color. Discover there is not any paint the right color. Dad has vague recollection of running out of that color paint last year. Mom and Dad brace themselves for the required living room paint. Get entire living room painted and trimmed in record time. Take older children to youth group activity and hope to decorate tree Monday night.
  • Dad stays home to console Lilly. Lilly remains giddy with excitement about decorating coupled with the upset of a day's delay.

Wow. what a way to end a week and start a new one. O Christmas tree...

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