Friday, December 04, 2009

Anger Danger

I've had this day and night all mapped out in my head since last night. This is due to the fact that Hubby has tomorrow all mapped out (whether I like it or not...but I DO like the map). We had a busy morning doing genetics and blood typing and GASP-long division because of probabilities. You would have thought we had asked the children to eat a little poop the way they acted over doing TWO long division problems. After science, we got some super cheap lunch and then went to the library for a quick game of Clue and much needed, soon to be extremely rare, free time. I bargained with piano teacher last night to have a free afternoon. I think she is having the same busy month as I am because she agreed.

My plans for tonight were to make cookies and finish our book on CD because Hubby has a gig. A whole day of girls time when we did not have to accomplish a thing. Yummy. Sandwiches for supper. Easy. Peasy.

We came home to...Hubby. ?? Apparently his drums are all set up and he will be here till the kiddos go to bed. My plans are now different. I was angry...but now? After writing this post?? Anger danger is over. I'm going to my room to read a book. Hello me time! Anger, you get a boot to the head.

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