Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Review: Jack Daniel's Cookbook

This book, Jack Daniel's Spirit of Tennessee Cookbook, sparked my interest. The reasons are two-fold. First reason: Jack Daniel's was the first alcoholic beverage I ever consumed. My older sister kept a bottle at her house. I would stay up late and drink a tiny bit with my Pepsi and feel very grown-up. It tasted HORRIBLE and still makes me a little sick to think about actually drinking it...but I like the way it smells and I love things cooked with it. Second reason: My sister-in-law made a bourbon cake that was great one year. It was not the kind where the alcohol 'cooks out' though, so I only had the tiniest piece. It was quite tasty though.

Anyway, seeing this cookbook made me think there might be other recipes that could be made with a little shot o' the whiskey. Someone is getting this as a Christmas gift and I hope that someone masters many of the recipes in it AND shares them abundantly with others.

You might think this cookbook would contain only recipes requiring a bit o' the sauce, but t'aint the truth. There are a good many recipes that don't have a lick of it. There are also stories and bits of history sprinkled throughout. My favorite recipe has to be possum and sweet taters. Not because I would EVER try it, but because it is funny to think that anyone would ever cook one of those hideous beasts up for a meal. I love cookbooks that serve a little something extra along with the recipes and this book does! A touch of the South, a little Jack and a lot of really good recipes for your next potluck.

I believe that when paired up with a bottle, it makes a very 'saucy' gift!


hulagirlatheart said...

I haven't seen this one, but it looks like a great gift for my cooking friends. I wouldn't buy it for my mom though. A long time ago, in her early poverty stricken years, she ate at least one bowl of possum and taters. It's a loooong baaaaad memory.

Jason, as himself said...

...a gift I wouldn't mind receiving!