Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bullets & Babbling

There is so much to little time to have your attention. Therefore, bullets are in order. Then an incredibly long post will seem short and sassy.

  • Days are slipping by so fast it is hard to catch them. I can't believe I haven't posted since Wednesday!! OY! Thursday Erika and I cleaned for Grandma. It was very obvious that many things had been neglected, but we covered alot of ground. It still took us only a few hours. She has a small house and leads a very simple life. However, she loves the knick-knacks, paddywhack. Erika spent about an hour dusting them all. She loved every second of it. Perhaps growing up in a home without set-arounds makes one love them all the more. It was a satisfying day. Erika has already spent her money. I had planned on making her save it, but I was pleased with her purchases. She bought gum, a Christmas present and put some money towards the 'adopted' son of the youth group. Color me pleased.

  • The idea that she would clean and I would supervise was quite hilarious and totally did not happen. It really sounded good though!

  • You know those days off I allowed us to take because we had not taken any?? That was not a good plan. Momma just cannot allow herself days off. It only makes her hunger for more more more.

  • I only have a few more presents to go before I am done shopping for Christmas. I am pretty sure I am so driven to finish this because A) I can and B) I am behind in almost every other area of my life. Yeah Christmas!! It will mess with my mind, make me feel productive again and there will be clean undies again in janjanmom-land. Tricking myself to get things accomplished since 1996. (first baby)

  • I am teaching toddlers this month at church for Sunday school and Bible hour. It is a hoot and a half. They just crack me up. Today, two of the boys were competing with one another. For what, I have no clue. It went like this:

"See my arm. I got hair growing on it. Let me see your arm."

"I got some hair on my arms too."

"Yeah, but mine goes up all the way to my shoulders."

Did I mention these boys are 5 years old? Too funny. I love preschool age. It makes me nostalgic but after a morning of them, I am ready to step right back up to where my kiddos are. Life is easier in most ways with older children.

  • I have had the strangest weekend. Hubby and I went out on a date Friday. We started our date by surprising a friend with a Friday the 13th birthday. Later, I tried a new drink, ate fried pickles, played darts, and learned exactly 3 dance steps (Learned may be overstating it, I am very uncoordinated. Some people just say that so they can wow you with how quickly they learn, I am absolutely just stating a fact.) Erik's mom grounded us for picking up the kids late. (not really) Yesterday, we had breakfast at Cracker Barrel, Christmas shopped, went to the birthday party of one of our favorite people, and then a friend and I went to a 'slumber' party. Today was church and cleaning the much disheveled house. I feel a bit like Sybil as I write all that.

  • Lilly's chorus group sang for a local telethon and Erik taped it for us to watch. It was awesome. She sang her little heart out and there were a couple of close-ups of her. I was a proud momma who may or may not have had watery eyes. She just loves to sing and it is fun to watch. I think there were some other kids up there with her...hee hee. They all did a great job.

  • Tomorrow is Monday and I am excited. I am so excited that I am going to plan for it tonight so that it is my best Monday ever. Hello clean slate, I LOVE YOU!!

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