Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Christmas shopping is moving along swimmingly. Hubby has joined with me this year to conquer early and then really enjoy the festivities. My goal is to be finished by Thanksgiving and then even if I am tempted by those crazee sales, I won't want to trade my lovely wrapped present for a better deal. It has been fun. Erik and I have power shopped once as a couple, today with the whole family and twice I power shopped with Lilly. I have also been ordering a few things online. The bad news is, my knee that has been so well for so long that I forgot about it, is flaring up again. MAJOR bummer. Next chiro appt is not for a couple of weeks IF I can wait that long!!

I am hoping that the week of Thanksgiving is slow and steady. The weeks leading up to it have not been. AT ALL.

Other than just the news of life, there is not much going on. Tomorrow, the older girls begin a job cleaning for Erik's grandma. Even though I insisted that no pay be involved, there will be a slight fee paid to them and they will take turns doing it. I will instruct and they will do the work. We shall call it hands-on Home Ec. I hope it isn't as painful as I have played it out in my mind. Keep me in your prayers...I try so hard to be a patient momma!!

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hulagirlatheart said...

Can I be annoyed that you're so far along in your Christmas shopping? And I'm not.