Monday, November 23, 2009


It is a fresh new week and I am so glad. Last week was beyond emotionally draining. My friend, Tyanna, died in her sleep early Wednesday morning. That was a complete shock. Her funeral was on Saturday. Almost right on the heels of that funeral was a baby shower for my friend Beth's daughter Kirsten. As soon as I walked into the baby shower and saw everyone, I had to visit the restroom and get it together. It was just too much. Too much raw emotion all in one day. Too much loss. I know in my heart that it is better to move on to the next world with God. But I still selfishly want my peeps here with me. Especially peeps who are taken home too early in my humble opinion. AND, I should be happy for both of these ladies to not be hurting anymore-each in a different way. That is how I will comfort myself as I mourn the recent loss of Tyanna and the 5 year anniversary of Beth's murder.

I am happy for Kirsten who is going to name her Baby girl Georgia Beth after her momma. I am sad Beth isn't here for me to tease relentlessly about being a grandma. Kirsten is loved and well cared for. Her significant other, Justin is wonderful. They both have gorgeous dimpled smiles so there is no doubt this little girl will be a heart breaker!

New week, I embrace you! You took far too long to come around. I am glad I was able to rest up for you and will now enjoy you and be very thankful for the people who are still here with me even as I lament for these two ladies and many more.

Beth, Tyanna-you are peas in a pod. I know you are in heaven chatting about everything under the sun and making sure everyone else is comfortable. You are missed!

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hulagirlatheart said...

I'm sorry for your grief. It seems like it's been a "grieving" year for so many folks I know. While I don't like to rush time, I'm ready for a fresh year.