Thursday, November 19, 2009

Life Is A Vapor

I began this week in a depressed state and so far I just keep going more and more downhill. My friend TyAnna died in her sleep early this week and I am still in a state of shock over it. Even though we have all known she had health issues for a long time, it just happened so suddenly. She leaves behind a daughter Shelbi, who is a friend to both of my girls, and a son Tyson who loves his momma more than anything. Her husband Brad has some seriously HUGE shoes to fill. Tyanna was the type of mom who was just the right balance of loving and expecting much from her kiddos. I've thought about her every day all day since I found out. I've prayed and worried about the family she leaves behind. I've imagined my own family in the same circumstances.

Today I took my friend Jane supper. She has cancer. Alot of it. She is the most amazing woman I have ever known. I cannot even imagine life without her. She is like a ray of sunshine every where she goes. I don't know anyone that does not love her. Even facing all that she is facing, she is STILL a ray of sunshine and a source of encouragement to all around her. I have been praying all day for her. God could heal her if he chooses to and I have been hoping to talk Him into it. Another friend and I are batting around a new ministry idea and we NEED Jane. Really God, you know we do. If she could share with other women some of the things she has shared with me, it would make them hold onto their marriages a little tighter.

We are just a vapor here on this earth. AND, I don't like it one little bit. Treasure your loved ones, people. We have no promise of tomorrow.


Ami said...

So sorry about your friend.

It's true. We never know if we have tomorrow. And taking time to appreciate today is sometimes hard.

~ Stephanie said...

Amen to every word.