Saturday, October 24, 2009


Dear Angy and Necia,

Thank you so much for organizing our SES reunion. Elementary school packs a wallop of wonderful memories for me. I know our group was small tonight, but it truly felt like family and I had so much fun. I eagerly anticipate the next time we can all get together.


Your School Chum

Dear Brian,

Making someone laugh while they are eating an ice cream cone should be against the law. The fact that I had my life flash before my eyes while waiting for the ice cream in my throat to melt justifies the law. I should know not to eat or drink while chatting with you. We are just too darn funny!



Dear Ryan's,

I haven't really liked you since that coupon incident of 2006. It was a bad experience to be sure. The only good thing I remember about it was that Patches was my waitress and we caught up with each other a bit.

Tonight was yet another night in a series of unfortunate dining events at your restaurant. Perhaps I set my standards too high, but I am always so disappointed with my meal at your dining establishment. I won't say I hate you, because that would be wrong. Instead I will say that I hate your ways (insert raucous laughter on this inside joke). By that, I mean that you make too many foods. I think your plan is that everyone will find something that they like. Instead, it just means that you make a whole bunch of stuff that REALLY does not taste good.(AND MY BILL WAS OVER $16 for TWO people and one of those was a kid's meal!!!!) It is now important to point out that I am not picky. I like almost all types of food. It's not me, it's you.

Next, how hard is it to keep your bathroom tidy? I eat out every chance I get and every bathroom I have ever been in at a restaurant has been tidy. There is usually even a nice air freshener that makes the place smell clean. Even roadside gas stations have you beat. The bathroom tonight was FILTHY. Even the sinks were, well GROSS. I was repulsed by the solids in the sink that I did recognize and also by the ones I did not. It is a sad day when one feels dirtier AFTER washing their hands. Thank goodness we had just loaded up on PPS hand sanitizer(holla-hula girl!) last Thursday.

So, Ryan's, it is over. I am afraid I cannot give you any more chances. However, if my SES chums decide to use your meeting room again, I will be there with bells on. I just won't eat, drink, or use your bathroom facilities.


Disgruntled Customer


hulagirlatheart said...

I agree regarding Ryan's! We refuse to ear there anymore. However, the one in Murray is great. Much better set up and service.

I love a give away that works. Hee hee.

Jason, as himself said...

Even if the food is pretty good, if the bathrooms are nasty I can't help but form a bad opinion of the place. But bad food and bad bathrooms? No way.

Sorry I haven't been around lately. I hope you're doing well!

Anonymous said...

LOL - It was a fun night!