Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I do not like change. I like the idea of it but not the actuality. I prefer things to stay the way I like them/have gotten used to...maybe I could tweak a few things in the people around me-HA! Lately though, it has become so painful to stay the same, that I am forced to logically think through the areas in my life that need to be changed. I am keeping the serenity prayer handy and focusing on my own personal changes.

I have touched on them in a recent post. The first one is to be more mindful of how I treat others. I am going to dig out "How to Love Someone You Can't Stand" again. Some day, I might not have to read it anymore but for now, it is still a mainstay in my personal development. My specific goals right now are intentionally treating people with respect and appreciation. This is hardest here on the homefront. Especially since I have a GIANT CHIP on my shoulder that says, "I AM UNDER-APPRECIATED!" I have asked God to surgically remove it but you know He prefers the slow personal growth type approach. ARGH! The second is to treat myself better. Good food, rest, exercise, better priorities. Do not allow myself to be drawn into things that are not good for me. Cut back on TV watching. Allow myself the privilege of being appreciated when it does come along...as in saying thank you when a compliment is extended.

I am lousy at change when it involves me changing. However, if you have some areas you need to tweak, call me-I'm excellent at those!!

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hulagirlatheart said...

Hmm. Work in television news a while. That will get you used to change. Ha!