Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sick and Tired of Being Tired

I'm tired and grouchy. I really have no reason to be as I have had plenty of sleep according to the clock and guidelines for adult sleep requirements. Yet I am and have been tired. I wake up every day and I do not feel rested. All of my lab work is normal. The thyroid medicine I take is regulated and shows normal levels. I have been taking an iron supplement for over two weeks. I take 2500mg of B12 everyday. SO WHAT IS UP!!!!???? I go for a sleep study in August which will hopefully eliminate the possibility of sleep apnea. I am just so sick of this. My butt drags all day until afternoon when I begin to feel better throughout the evening. I can't begin to get to sleep until after midnight and then I could sleep until noon. GRRRR. This needs to be resolved before school starts but I don't guess it will be.

I am going to color my hair now. I hope it turns out. My gray hair has been peeking out from my roots for a while. Next time you see me, be sure to notice my new supermodel lovely locks and ignore the baggage under my eyes. LOL


Ashley said...

There's like 80 bajillion reasons why you could feel tired but I bet you don't want me to try and google them, do you? I vote that you take naps ... or eat chocolate...at least until you know something. Call it an experiment.

Sara said...


I was feeling so tired all the time too and started seeing a chiropractor that did some testing to see what my body was deficient in. He suggested a vitamin that has been AMAZING. I have seen major differences in just a few weeks. Let me know if you want his name.


hulagirlatheart said...

Well, that IS puzzling. I won't suggest Googling your symptoms because you'll only end up thinking you're dying of some dreaded disease. I will say a good hair color does wonders for the spirit....as does a raspberry margarita.