Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

Yesterday, we slept in a bit, went for breakfast, swam in the pool and then gathered our belongings. We had no definite plans beyond Baskin Robbins. My kids had never been to one. Our city used to have one but doesn't anymore. Seemed like a bit of a crime to let them go on without tasting one of the 31 flavors. I had stashed back ice cream money and it took every cent of it. Lilly got choc chip cookie dough, Erika got jamocha, Kayla got tax crunch & I got snickers. Mmmmm. Good.

Once we crossed the bridge from Evansville into Henderson, I decided just to drive through the Audubon Kentucky State Park. Oh my word, I am so glad that I did. We walked through the museum, watched birds and had a really fun side trip. Then we grabbed 4 JR Whoppers from the nearest BK and made our way home. It was good to be home. The kiddos played in the yard with a couple of giant dogs that were delighted to have their family back.

After church last night, we made it home in time to see the highlights of AI-Danny Gokey, I choose you!! (Lil Rounds, you are a close second!) Tattoo arm girl, I'm very disappointed. Kayla likes Adam Lambert though. (She typed that!) I think that guy is FREAKY and The Ring of Fire proved it!! Who are y'all cheering for?

This morning, I woke up with a sore throat so bad I could barely swallow. I have not had a sore throat this bad since I was a kid. I went to the doc for a strep test. It was negative which means it is viral and I am forced to suffer through it. Usually a sore throat will let up a bit as the day wears on but this one has not let up one bit, not even after Tylenol and salt water gargles. So I am quite miserable. I need a nap. I think it is time for more Tylenol and another gargle.


E.T.'s Mom said...

Sounds like a fun trip! Having no timetable is the best. Sorry about the sore throat though, that is miserable.

Becky K. said...

I am just finishing up with a viral cold that started with the sore throat that wouldn't quit.
Hope you get better soon.

My very first real job was in a Baskin Robbins. Still love that ice cream!!!!!

I am a fan of Danny Gokey...although I am not as tough on Adam as most adults. His talent is incredible! What control he has...

Feel better!