Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Last Day, Sort Of!!

Last day and night. We return home tomorrow, at some point-no real timetable. So much to do, so little time. Today we will be leaving the library and off to more adventures. The morning started with a fun license plate adventure. Someone stole our license plate and I had to cross the bridge over to good KY to get a replacement. $6 later, we have new tags with a different county on it. Won't people wonder....We love this city's close proximity to our home state. IN was not kind to us at all. We had a police report BUTT they would not give us a temporary tag until we could get home. A tiny little blackmark on the board of my favorite city.

I wonder if I can find all the consignment shops I have on my list of fun stops?? I wonder if we can visit all the museums in this town? I wonder why they just charged me for the maps I printed and where I have to go to retrieve them? I wonder what we will have for lunch? My stomach just wondered (out loud) what we will have for lunch? I love the street name 'Stringtown'. I just know it has a cool history lesson. I wonder if all the libraries have cool discarded book shops? I wonder if Stephanie will grow to love this town as much as I?? I wonder how Kasey feels about a town that doesn't 'spring forward' or 'fall back'? I wonder why it took 2 full hours of open-ness for the locals to come to the library? I wonder if people know why I am in the teen center? I wonder why...

Have a wonderful Tuesday!!

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