Monday, March 30, 2009


  • Hula girl sent me the bigger file to her picture. The most beautiful pic!! Thanks again Hula for letting me use it. Isn't she talented? I finally got around to making the pic bigger in my header.
  • I feel much better, but I am still not 100%. I am trying to rest frequently to let my body recover, but that is tough to do on weekends. The next two days will be catching up slowly on housework, laundry and school.
  • Soon I have 50 bazillion books to review for you. Some of them were so good I would be tempted to read them again if I did that sort of thing. (I don't.)(Do you?)
  • Dishwasher is still broken. We did a little research on the web. It won't be an easy fix. I wish we could just win the lottery or something. (This is impossible as we don't play.)
  • My tweens are officially ADDICTED to facebook. They want to go on several times a day, which I don't allow. The begging is killing me. I'm probably going to institute a facebook time for chores program. I predict it will be wildly successful.
  • I don't have many other thoughts right now. My brain is in hibernation while my sore throat dominates.
  • Have a wonderful Monday!!


ShortyMom said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Mia said...

1.beautiful pic,I'm in negotiations with Hula for a photo shoot with Cameron.
2.I am so sorry you have been sick...praying for you right now.
3.looking forward to the book reviews...been needing some new ideas book wise. can live without a dishwasher,its not that bad really.
5.this idea WILL work...perhaps this is where the dishwashing could come in?
6.hibernating in the spring? could catch on.
7.I have had a pretty good one thank you!!!

E.T.'s Mom said...

Sorry you're sick.

hulagirlatheart said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling well. It just stinks to be sick this time of year when the weather is so nice. Darn allergies have my face swollen up like a balloon. Hope you're feeling better soon!

And you're way too kind with your compliment. I'm just glad you like the picture and it makes someone smile.

Facebook for chores...I like that...a LOT.