Thursday, March 19, 2009

Oh Spare Us, Gus

My asparagus bed has been pitiful for the past two years. We bought just a few plants because they were so stinkin expensive. Then two of them did not do well so it was time to re-up or give up. So my darling hubby brought me home 20 plants today and they are now tucked away in their bed and I am ecstatic. This time next year I will be able to harvest enough for a meal. And that will save me lots of dough because asparagus is the priciest fresh vegetable.

Then we went for a walk on our trail through our woods. It is just as horrible as we thought it would be. Trees down everywhere. It is early enough spring that we just took detours, but soon enough things will take off and those detours will be dense undergrowth. Some time soon we will have to chainsaw through it...but not very soon.

Next, we had a small fire. We have 10,000,000 small sticks around our house that we piled up on a stump we have been trying to burn for years. The fire was small, the marshmalows were great and the ambience was very much needed. Nothing soothes my soul as much as sitting around a fire. Luckily, we have enough sticks and logs to have a fire every night for the next five years.

Because of the calming fire, I just took it in stride that my dishwasher is broken. It sucks, but honestly, what good would stressing do? We are going to try to figure it out on our own researching the internet. If that doesn't work, it will have to wait a while-gutters are coming tomorrow and 'winders'(windows for you non-ky folk) after that. Our home improvement funds are pretty well tapped out.

Tomorrow I am planning on planting some taters. I love growing my own taters. You can harvest them little and they are sooooo much better than the ones from the store.

This has been a very busy week but I am so thankful spring has sprung!!


Anonymous said...

what are you all doing tomorrow mid morning-afternoon?
I was thinking about catching you in your pj's.. ;)

We'll my cell if you dare

Anonymous said...

oops, forgot to say stalker heather

ShortyMom said...

I don't think my kids knows what an asparagus is so you're doing great!

I think appliances have it out for homeowners right now. They see what's going on in the world and think "come on, let's play with them a bit." Then they quit. Last week was the heater section on my central unit. Then the door on my dishwasher broke. Lucky for me, the dishwasher and air conditioner still work. Just no heat.

Just think of all the pretty light that will be coming through your new "purty winders" when your washing your dishes. Might help ease the chore!

hulagirlatheart said...

Hey, if you ever get a surplus of asparagus, call me. We love it! I have chosen not to plant any in the past because the plants are so expensive.

You're going to be surprised at how much you love your new windows. I couldn't believe how excited I got when we replaced ours.

And steal away on the photos, girlfriend.

Mia said...

LOVE asparagus.
LOVE sitting around a fire.
So glad you had a relaxing moment.
Hey quit whining about a dishwasher! ; ) During 21 years of marriage,3 kids...I only had a dishwasher for about 3 months!!! It can be done!
Have a great weekend!!

HugandRelease said...

Hi Ya! I posted the roll recipe for you. It comes from a site that I was e-mailed from a friend that has a ton of different recipes from all different restaurants on it. It's great! Today so far I have made whole wheat blueberry nut coffee cake, brownies, sausage and egg casserole (ready to be baked) and blueberry muffins all that before 12 noon...Yikes! Tomorrow I'm in charge of making food for the church nursery workers. Anywho, if you want a coffee cake recipe let me know!

Jason, as himself said...

I am glad your spring has sprung, too. Your winter has been a long one for me! :)

You have your OWN trail in your OWN woods? Wow.