Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pizza House

My husband has Saturdays off (like the rest of the world) for a while and it is NICE. This morning we hauled off our old gutters (our new ones look good) to the grassroots small town recycling center. We were hoping to take them somewhere else for revenue but in the end decided it was good to support a local greenie venture. After that we came home and made homemade pizza. This was our first time and very likely something we will do again, often. We used crust mixes from Walmart that were cheap but we will attempt from scratch crust next time. We made several different kinds-but my personal favorite was the one with mustard for sauce, pickles, bacon bits and lots of cheese. It is supposed to be cheeseburger but I did not feel like browning ground beef on top of everything else. I see myself packaging up crust mixes and topping bags to be ready to grab and make pizzas quickly.

I finally got around to getting my potatoes planted today and checked out an awesome gardening book at the library. Lilly had dress rehearsal for her concert tonight this afternoon giving us one hour to kill. Hello library, my old friend.

It was just she and I attending her concert tonight. I went to check on her at intermission-big mistake. She has been struggling with stage anxiety lately and I thought she was not going to sing!! Luckily, some of the other moms stepped in to encourage her as I stepped out otherwise she would have held on to me for dear life and not performed. She did great. I love to watch her sing, she opens her mouth wide and puts everything she has into it. Lots of people complimented her afterward, so maybe we are over the hurdle.

I am drained, have tons to do and not much time at all to do it in. Next week we will visit my favorite town for a few days...I can't wait to visit the library a city block large...have a great rest of the weekend!!

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HugandRelease said...

You are growing potatoes? We did that in Raleigh but I just couldn't bring myself to eat them. They just didn't look right?!?! I'll stick with my zuchini, squash, eggplant and such. Good luck! Oh! I would seriously love to grow asparagus but don't you just harvest only one bunch?