Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday, Monday

My favorite day of the week. To let you know how I am doing-I am on my fourth book this weekend. 'Nuff said.

I have had many glorious distractions to keep my brain slightly out of focus. I am officially a great aunt. Noah Jay was born yesterday just after noon. 7lbs 10oz. I was distraught because I knew I would be tied up all afternoon with a wedding shower and then a funeral meal-but then we dumped off the oldest two at youth care group and bee-lined to the hospital. I held him, fed him and burped him. He is adorable. It has been too long since we had a babe in the family. Mia-I thought about you, Amanda and Cameron all the way home too. New life is just soooooo precious. Lilly had never held a baby so "brand new" before. I wish I could tell you she was great, but she was a bit of a sniveling drama queen. This just gives her lots of room for improvement, right??

Tonight we are having a big workday at my Mom's in Slab town. I think it will be fun. These days I am loving a good distraction.


Mia said...

Cameron went on his first "trip" today. We drove up to MM park and walked and strolled him in his deluxe stroller!
He slept through the whole thing. Even the part where his mama and mamie were having trouble climbing a steep incline on the walking path : ( Can anyone say very out of shape?

ShortyMom said...

New babies are wonderful distractions. That smell, those fingers, little yawns...
Congrats on becoming a great-aunt (and to the mother and father)!