Thursday, February 19, 2009

Look Out...

...LONG BLOG POST Ahead!!!

Some old stuff to share first!! My 37th birthday(Feb 3) right smack dab in the middle of the ice storm. Don't have a Feb. birthday. The weather is seldom fun. Although, I hear leap year Feb 29th birthdays are fun. The girls decorated my cake with decorator icing. They really enjoyed it! It was very cool.

The big 50 year anniversary. (Jan 31st) Also in the middle of the storm-before my birthday. See our make-shift 0 candle? That is called "making do" and we had about 10 days of it. Who arranged those beautiful flowers? Janjanmom. She added some pine twigs for greenery that were all about her front porch. So easy to pick. She also forgot to add water to the flowers and so they were dead the very next day. Memories...of forgetfulness. Precious.

...My blog posts have been much abbreviated lately and there are things I must tell. In fact, this could be called a tell-all because I must tell all the things floating around in this noggin so a whole new round of things can pop in and occupy space. It's the circle of thoughts. Does that mean thought death is the blog? Hmmm. Maybe better to just see it as the words living on eternally in blogland. So that would make blogworld the afterlife for thoughts? See this is what happens when you try to take something and make it into religiosity-it just won't go. Square peg, round hole. (ahhh, memories of early Christian music)
Now, random and odd-of course IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER, bullet style!!
  • Insurance adjuster is good man. We like him. He pay fair check. (It's in the mail. Uh-oh) He find things we not find and pay us for them. Good man.
  • Youth trip is tomorrow. Laundry is almost done. Excitement is in the air. Yes, children, we will be leaving the house. We will be socialized for a whole weekend. Monday is going to be quite an adjustment.
  • I almost enrolled Lilly in school for next Monday. Then I thought of the school lunches, homework, special projects, parent teacher conferences(when your kids is doing well-boring and silly), parent teacher conferences(when your kid has a problem-and no one really knows what to do-awful and with tears), the days your kid forgets stuff(and it is their fault), the days your kid forgets stuff(and it is your fault), the mad dash before school, the insane hunger after school, the mean kids, when your kid is the mean kid, how much money that free education really costs-school lunches plus snacks plus fees plus fundraisers plus the book club. All of that snapped me back to my senses and I enjoyed our school day much more. Not every homeschool day is a wonderful adventure in learning. There are days when I question what I am doing and why.(Which really has nothing to do with the aforementioned list-those are just a few of my favorite things that I DON'T miss.) Ultimately, I return to my decision and commitment, but please don't think I am the stepford mom poster mom of homeschool.
  • I am doing the Beth Moore Bible study of Esther and today her video broadcast was wonderful. I loved it. I'm considering showing today's lesson to them. I'm considering doing the study with them. If you get the chance, I think it is my favorite yet. It IS very tough to be a woman.
  • Only one of my daughters is over-run with hormones. Sometimes I have to pray that I don't take her life. What on earth is it gonna be like when we have three, excuse me 4 hormone crazy women in this house????????? I'm very scared.

  • The don't mess with Memaw face. Don'cha love it? We do. They didn't mess with Memaw either. She is the perfect balance of tough and love.

  • Little Debbie has really let me down. This purchase is my biggest case of buyer's remorse evah!! I think it would be better to just write on a regular box-for 100 calorie LD cakes, only take one bite and save the rest til tomorrow. I paid more for this box-even with a coupon than a regular box costs. I BEEN CHEATED!!!
  • I sometimes think of doing a little bloggy get-together with my bloggy friends in KY. There are several that I have come across by accident(and some of course that I know) and I think that is real cool. KY bloggers, what do you think? Bluegrass Bloggers UNITE!

Sadly there is more, but I have much to do and it must be done. I may not blog until Monday...or I might. You never can tell. Have a wonderful weekend.


ShortyMom said...

It's amazing how things can build up on you before you know it.

I've got you nominated for an award on my blog. Be sure to stop by and check it out!

Amy said...

You are a girl after my own heart...and apparently in my head.;)

I am not the Stepford Homeschool Poster Mom either. At all. Ever. But I keep trudging on.

And about this Kentucky Blogger's Convention?....Can a Mississippi blogger get in on any of that action?;)
I'm just saying.

Have a great "socialized" weekend!

(((BIG HUGS!)))

P.S. I once bought some 100 calorie snack treats too. And no where on the outside of the box did it say that the pictures of the snacks were the "actual size." I practically had to get my tweezers to pick the dumb things up. And they cost twice as much.

Mia said...

YES! put my name down for a Bluegrass Bloggers get together!! I would attend even if I have to stop and take a break from loving up on my new yummy grandson!!

hulagirlatheart said...

Happy belated birthday!!! I'm so sorry I missed it earlier. Eat some cake for me. Oh, wait. I've already had cake about fourteen times this month already.

Sorry I've been away from posting for awhile. Darn ice storm. Sign me up for the Bluegrass bloggers thing. I vote we have a tropical theme. I'm tired of winter.

Jason, as himself said...

Meemaw! I won't mess with Meemaw.