Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sad Saturday

We are just finishing up school today. Now, re-read that sentence and think about the fact that it is Saturday. Now picture what my week has been like. I am partially to blame because I am back to feeling like dammit. (Pardon my language but there is not a better fitting word.) The kids have sensed my misery and totally taken advantage of it. Plus, this is day 2 of us not having a vehicle. Our car is being repaired. Thank goodness we got all of the repairs done on our van in time for the car to have issues. Financially it has just been one thing after another.

There is really no need to blog farther about all of that!! You can already tell what kind of post it would be and really, I don't want to write it anymore than you would want to read it.

Good things:
  • This week we have read 3 books in "The Magic of Language" series by Ann Heinrichs. They are a very interesting way to beef up language arts. I try to take a multi-media approach to school and learning. While I would prefer to just use all workbooks (self-grading if they existed) but I don't think that is being a good steward of all the resources available to teach my children.
  • There are also some great books about math. Today we read: What's Your Angle, Pythagoras? by Julie Ellis. There are lots of other math books too. Lilly is reading a couple of books about roman numerals too.

There are sooooo many options for supplementing subject matter studied with books. The key is...look in the non-fiction section of your library. I try to limit myself to 20 books at a time. Otherwise, it hurts my back to carry the tote bags of books. Also, the smaller the number of books, the greater the likelihood that we will actually read them.

Now I am off to soak in a hot bath because I am so cold and I hate winter. (Except snow-I like snow!!) I will then vegetate and hopefully finish the book I am reading while the kids play Playstation 2 until their thumbs fall off. (Or they fight and I banish them to their rooms.) Either way, it works for me.


Jason, as himself said...

Sorry you've been sad, and I hope you feel better soon! Maybe the interview questions I left you on The Jason Show will cheer you up...

Mia said...

HAHAHAHA!! Oh you silly girl! I had to come over here and find out what the heck you were talking about! My pet peeve resulted from a conversation I had with a certain thorn in my side at church yesterday!!! According to thorn I am giving my children "busy work" no creativity or variety. I am doing them a disservice by my choice of curriculum.
And here you are posting about workbooks!!
You are a joy!!