Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Interview on The Jason Show!!

A very popular show in CALIFORNIA contacted me for an exclusive interview. The questions are highly unusual, but hey, I can't refuse. Inquiring/ENquiring minds want to know. (Okay, that is a slight lie, I asked to be interviewed, WHATEVER.) Please leave me a comment if you would like to be interviewed by me and launched into possible superstardom. Or maybe just answer some random questions that will spark a post that doesn't require alot of thought.

These are my questions from Jason. Thank you, Jason for being nice to me. When I read J-Lo's questions, I nearly died. (Especially the bonus!!)

1. If you could be anyone of the opposite gender, who would you be?
Maybe I am weird-okay, I know I am weird and my answer is a toss up between three people.
  1. My husband. I would finally know what he is thinking. Men of few words are so impossible sometimes. Plus it would be kind of neat to be regarded as quiet and hard to get to know. (Instead of really blunt, never shuts up)
  2. Bill O'Reilley. Because after hubby, he is the man I am most interested in.
  3. Rush Limbaugh. Seriously, he is so rich, he even gets his t-shirts dry-cleaned. And I quote: "That way everything always looks brand new." Plus, he never has to hold back a thought. That's gotta be fun.

2. Is your second toe longer than the first?
No, it is about the same length. However, it also has a weird bend that makes it appear ever-so-slightly shorter than the big toe. Also, I have the smallest toenails in the world. I can paint all of my toenails besides the big one with one brush dip and still have some paint left over.

3. Paper or plastic?
Plastic. The handles and ease make it easier to bring in 15 bags of groceries, fight the dogs back and unlock the door without setting anything down.

4. How old do you wish you were, and why?
I am okay with my age. I earned every gray hair in my head. I'm so proud of them, I dye them on a regular basis.

However, if I get to have all of the knowledge I have now and go back, I would probably head back to age 13(when I really started doing things that were quite detrimental to my future) and make some REALLY different choices for myself!!

5. If you could change one thing about Kentucky, what would it be?
I totally heart KY. Totally. Even though it is cold right now and I hate the cold (except snow, I love snow)-it just makes springtime even sweeter!! The only other place I have ever visited that I like as much as KY is Evansville, IN-similar town size to the one I'm in and the climate is about the same. However, my heart, soul, and roots are pretty firmly planted in KY. I do love to visit other places though!!

That was kind of fun...don't you want to be interviewed too?? Leave me a comment!! I'll be really nice or ridiculously snarky. Either way, I promise not to ask if you would prefer to fart loudly in public or visibly wet yourself. Sometimes there just is not a good answer to hypothetical questions.


Mia said...

Bring it on sister!!

SabrinaT said...

I watch O'Reilly and YELL at my TV the entire time!!
I will dye my hair until I am the old lady in the nursing home with blue hair!!

Amy said...


You are so funny!

And I would be interested in being long as you are being completely truthful about not asking the hypothetical questions regarding farting in public.;)

Leanne said...

I have tiny toenails too, not tiny toes just toenails.

My answers are up today too.

Ami said...

My toes look like hairy peanuts.

I think that says it all. You won't need to interview me.

Jason, as himself said...

Ami cracks me up, I swear. Hairy peanuts.

And I get all of your answers, except the Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reily ones!

Alas, our political differences allow for lively conversation and diversity!

Thanks for playing, Janjanmom! I enjoyed this a lot!

The Foil Hat said...

LOL - I'll play. I guess complaining about being cold in Florida won't count though? That's ok. Just give me time to put on my Anne Coulter wig.

hulagirlatheart said...

Bill and Rush????? Say it ain't so. Sigh. I'll pray for you and your big toe.