Friday, January 09, 2009

A Very Small Window

Our weather in these parts is just crazy this time of year. It might be warm, cold, freezing, raining(both water and ice), don't get to know. The forecast is usually about 50-50. Sometimes they predict large amounts of ice and get the roads ready for NOTHING. Other times they expect nothing and get hit hard. IMPOSSIBLE.

However, today is apparently a fluke, a somewhat warm day sandwiched in the middle of cold stormy days. So, I have done what any self-respecting homeschool mom would do. I've sent the children outside for play. So I can blog. Bruhahahaha. I'll be brief because there is much work to do in this house that cannot be accomplished with wordiness on a blog. (BOO HISS)
  • A book review. Yesterday's snarky snark post requires it. This one is the kid's book I flipped through at the library and then found myself sucked into reading. It is called Sixth Grade Glommers, Norks & Me written by Lisa Papademetriou (remind me not to complain about my last name ever again!) This book is so funny and bittersweet. Mostly though, the character responds to the other middle schoolers almost exactly the way she should. If you have a sixth grader...or just a middle schooler, this is a safe and good read.
  • Toby update. Wednesday we took Toby in to get his wetcast off. As we all held our noses in the midst of his stinky paw, we got the good news that he would no longer require a cast and we could take him home with a paw pad healed and 7/8ths intact. (AMAZING considering the damage to it!) As I contemplated how bad that car ride was gonna smell and the aroma it would leave in the car for who knows how long, I tried to remain celebratory. Then the vet saved me. "You want to leave him here overnight so he can lick and clean on it and pick him up tomorrow? It will only be around $8." "Yes, thank you. We would like that very much." Bless her forevermore. We love her with all our being. We picked him up the next day and he looked great and he was mostly unscented. By the way, her name is Caudill and the vet she works for is VERY close to a fast food restaurant on the south side. (That should give you locals all the info you need!) She is awesome and I am indebted to her forever. She could have totally socked us with some whopping vet bills, but she did it all under $300. ON A SUNDAY. Included were weekly dressing changes. Plus Toby keeps hopping in the van wanting to go see her. Total doggy crush.
  • Housework is totally out of control...but I have good intentions today.
  • I am signing Erika up for gymnastics(finally found a place relatively close to home that isn't all about cheerleading!!) and allowing Lilly to audition for a play-mostly for the experience of auditioning. I think she is totally too young to actually get a part-but we shall see. Goodbye calm world. Hello taxicab craziness. What am I thinking?? Seriously. Oh look, gas is going up. Wahoo.

I hope you accomplish all you want to today. Please pray for me today as I attempt to cross 700 things off my to-do list.


hulagirlatheart said...

Break a leg Lilly!!!
Don't break anything else Toby.

~ Stephanie. said...

Yeah Toby! Glad he's improved!

Lily is NOT too young! Kevin's first LEAD role (Fudge in Tales of a 4th grade nothing) was when he was 7 . . . and she is a natural-born HAM!

Enjoy the beautiful day! I'm going to the grocery . . . hate lugging sacks in the cold.

ShortyMom said...

Glad you have a good vet there. Of course my town leaves you with not many choices but I will say I left Sophie with one here for two days (I think) and it cost me $200 for a late night visit, antibiotics and x-rays. Not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Now if the vet wasn't so dang smug...

I have showered, been to pay a loan payment, grocery shopping at two different stores, thrift shopping and put a bit of gas in my van all by noon! Amazing accomplishment for me this week!

Good luck with the kiddos! Once they start the running, it never stops...Just wait!

Thanks for the comment. I just hate the 5 week wait to see a dr. Why can't they consider how much stress that puts on us when they set up their appointment books that way?

Stoned-Campbell Disciple said...

Delighted to have you drop by and comment on my blog. I hope you are found in the blessing of God.

Mia said...

I really believe Miss Lilly was born for the stage!!