Sunday, December 28, 2008

Pacing Myself

Since I don't feel 100% yet, I am still trying to stay rested. I did not go to church this morning because I just didn't wake up. Erik went on with the kids assuming I felt bad and soooo, I slept a long time. This works out good though, I hated to miss church but I have to grocery shop this afternoon and we have a NYEEEP at church. So, maybe I will feel like partying tonight.

I've given up the notion that I may be dying. I did quiz Erik and request he tell me how much he would miss me. I have also concluded it probably isn't a heart attack. I'm guessing it is either stress related or a possible problem with my gallbladder. I've done a bit of websearch and have decided something must be going on but don't know just what. I plan to see my family doc when she gets back to her office after the holidays.

For now, life goes on and I am off to the grocery. It is so hard to take a finger food to a NYEEEP when you don't have any food to make it with. ( :


Jason, as himself said...

Oh, Jan Jan! I hope you get over this thing soon. It sounds horrible.

And guess what? I was rummaging through the garage full of books that Amelia has been collecting for her book drive and I came across a box from you! Either I have totally forgotten about it, or I never saw this box and didn't realize that you had sent it. If that is the case, I am so sorry, and I am so grateful to you for taking time out of your busy life to box up those books and send them to my daughter. Thank you so much. I hope you didn't think we were being ungrateful.

And if I already have thanked you, blame it on early on-set dimentia.

Feel better soon.

Fred said...

YUCK! I hope you get into the doc soon. I had a headcold and was able to take a 4 hour nap Christmas day, but I am almost all better.......what you have just sounds icky! No good for a mom to be down.....hugs to you, hope you get over it soon!!!

Trailboss said...

You best get your butt to the dr today. Don't take the chance of it being something serious. We women have to, I repeat have to, take care of ourselves. You know what I mean.

Julie Anne said...

I'm praying for you to feel better, Janice.