Monday, December 29, 2008

Almost Awesome!!

The girls and I are enjoying some time away from home a bit today. Always a nice thing. We took Toby to the vet earlier and he got his staples out. He is only going to lose a tiny bit of his paw pad and that is a miracle considering how severely injured it was. He is so good for the vet. I realize just what a good dog he is every time we go for a dressing change. He doesn't lose his cool a bit and he always seem glad to be there, like he knows it is a good place to be.

We had a great time last night at the NYEEEP at my church. My husband played his drums in the sanctuary of a Church of Christ. History in the making. In the past, it has been in the annex and it was also secular songs. Last night it was 2 Christian songs in the pulpit. (Of course, it was not during a church service-I don't think that would go over as well...heehee) The guys only had two practices and they were so great. I hope they can have other occasions to play together. Our whole family was very excited about it. The other talent acts were enjoyable as well. Our church is definitely not lacking in the talent department!!

I still haven't been to the grocery and I really don't have any desire to make that big haul. I'm crossing my fingers that Erik will want to make a family trip to Sam's and that will get us through for a while. I stocked up on pet food/supplies and then bought food and drink for last night. That was it. We do have plenty of bread, peanut butter and tuna fish. What else do you REALLY need?

We are taking the full holiday break that I swore we wouldn't. This does mean that our four day weeks are over. We have to make up for our Christmas break somehow. I don't wanna still be schooling in June!! We will start back next Monday when the kids are good and tired of their Christmas gifts and I miss school. HEEHEE. I actually miss it a little all ready. We have some cool new science kits to try out. I love science. And math. And grammar-even though you can't always tell it in these blog entries.

Have a great Monday!!

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