Friday, December 26, 2008

Faking It

I still feel like crap. Woke up this morning and all the discomfort that has been settled in my tummy for three days has moved up into my shoulders and back. I am going to the doc on Monday if I am not feeling much better!!

So I got up early, walked around a bit, decided I needed a nap. I made up my bed and curled up like a pig in a blanket in my new cat throw on my made-up bed. After some not so good sleepy time, I decided to get up and martyr through the day. I took down the tree and all holiday decor. Kayla was kind enough to haul the tree to the bonfire pile for me. All ornaments are now boxed in their little boxes within the big box. Baby Jesus rested briefly in his manger while Lilly sang a few songs in his honor and then that was all put away. It looks like Christmas never happened. The floor is clean (no ornaments batted down by a cat) and most of the new things we got for Christmas are put away. Praise the Lord! A cool thing I have noticed, as my kids get older, presents get smaller. We have no huge boxes to break down into the trash.

Good news-I will finally have an MP3 player. Kayla got a new Zen 4G MP3, so I was blessed with a cool pink Limited Too one. It will have Meatloaf on it. Probably the whole album of Paradise by the Dashboard Light.

In true martyr fashion, I am taking the girls shopping. I'll just keep telling myself how good I feel and think of my nice clean house.

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hulagirlatheart said...

Sorry you're feeling so crappy. Nothing is worse than being sick during the holidays. I am jealous that all of your Christmas stuff is up. We are ignoring ours today, going to a movie and pledging to get right on that...Monday.

PS..Thanks for the Christmas card!