Thursday, October 09, 2008

Worried? Who me?

Pioneer Woman had that question on her blog. Actually, yes, I am a bit. It isn't new though. I have been worried since gas spilled over to $3.00 a gallon. Every cent past that mark increased my freaked-outed-ness. You see, I am a stockpiler of a few things by nature-feminine supplies, toilet paper and shampoo. You will usually find medium to large stockpiles of those three but lately there are a few other things I am trying to stock up on as the price is fabulosa. It kind of started with the grocery game but it has grown into a very thoughtful and handy habit. After all, when you come across things you use all the time, why on earth would you not buy several? I look at it as an investment. Things are going up-so when things are cheap, stock up. We have enough school supplies for the next 2 years (maybe 3-4). I am all stocked up on tape for Christmas. (ha, like there will be a need for tape with no presents to wrap!!) I am planning to buy a mumbo jumbo bag of rice at Sam's next paycheck. That way, if we really can't afford food sometime in the near future, we can exist on rice and clean water. People in other countries would feel blessed with that. Also, we have an abundance of camel crickets in the garage. Did you know Americans are among the few that do not supplement their diets with insects? I hear they are an excellent source of protein and I am sure they are low in fat.

Please don't think me a pessimist for my planning for the worst. I am just mostly a realist. Plus, I am a little bit optimistic if the worst comes about. I'll finally be skinny. I am really not truly worried alot, just trying to be smarter. We have a lot of waste in our household-more than some, less than others. We are slowly and surely trying to whittle away at our wasteful habits. We haven't adopted the mindset of people who lived through the depression entirely, but they are looking smarter and smarter these days.

Top 5 things we are doing to cut back:
  1. I consolidate all trips to town with a list of other errands. I want to extend gallons by driving less overall.
  2. I am passing by restaurants. Even the dollar menu is more expensive than eating at home. In fact, this has sort of got me experimenting and cooking more. The kids have stopped asking too. They know we aren't and they know why. One day we last week, we ate out twice in one day though-because I wasn't driving back home. I fed my family twice-once included Erik for about $13.00.
  3. Shopping sales at my corner market almost exclusively. The few non-sale items I am buying still cost less if you factor in the gas. Plus, we like the corner market-it feels like home.
  4. Taking advantage of leftovers. They used to kind of rot in the fridge. NO MORE-now they are hubby's and my lunch. Sometimes all leftovers are pulled out and we have warmup night for supper.
  5. Stockpiling. It works. Chicken breasts or pork chops on sale? I buy alot. Toilet paper on sale-you betcha. yeah!!

What are you doing different? I want to be an ostrich and just bury my head in the sand until it all goes away, but I think we will enjoy leaner times for at least as long as we enjoyed the booming credit years!!


hulagirlatheart said...

Did you catch the 5lb bags of sugar for $1 something at the corner market last week? I bought 25 pounds and put it in the freezer. My grandma would be proud.

Mia said...

We have lived the "cut-back" lifestyle for so long things really aren't that different around here!! : )
Way to go frugal mama!