Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend Update
(Bullets, of course)
  • We bought "the rest of our yard" from our neighbor. We have lived here 8 years now and a pie shaped section of our yard has belonged to our neighbor. While the land division makes perfect sense on paper-our land was a rectangle, his was a square-in real life the translation meant that our ginormous side yard had a little triangle in the back that was his. It was quite annoying and we have been trying to obtain it for quite some time. The elderly fellow that lived there before not only did not want to sell it-but wanted us to sell him part of our yard so he would have road frontage to his triangle. We had finally worn him down and we were beginning to negotiate the deal when he had a car wreck. He died shortly after of pneumonia while recovering in the hospital. The a young man bought his house. He did not even know about the triangle until we told him and promised to sell it "someday" if we would "make an offer". Someday finally came and the deal will close tomorrow. We now own all of our yard, even the triangle in the back which was surprisingly-half an acre. Now, we can get goats and chickens. Oh wait, I forgot, hubby is still not talked into that. Someday.
  • Yesterday we got up at 8, yard saled for about an hour (Lilly got three pairs of shoes for 75 cents-one of them heelies!!!) and then headed to National Public Lands Day!! We had an awesome day of nature. We went back in time to 1850, learned about organic gardening, petted some sheep, listened to the sweet happy snorts of sleeping pigs and played dress up in clothes of that time frame. Then we went to our next stop where we watched the feeding times of the bald eagle and the vultures. The girl feeding them was so informative and friendly that Lilly has a new best friend. We met the newest employee and used our girlish charms to talk him into getting out our friend the prairie king snake so we could share some love. Then we went monarch butterfly tagging. It was nothing like last year because there were NO monarchs OR big butterflies at all, just little ones. This is just one of many of the tagging classes they have had and they have tagged no monarchs. I find this very disturbing. They usually tag about 100. This is so disturbing, in fact, that we will be doing much more research on them in the weeks to come.
  • We ran into the wonderful Phillip and Sara who mentioned they had camped with others from church and so we went to properly stalk them at their campground when we had shut all the attractions down. They were not there but the other names-Rob and Penny were. We figured our two families could hang out a bit and we would get home around dark. However, we were pleasantly surprised that there were three families(John and Sandy and Ted & Christina) involved in the camp-out and all were still there. Even better than that was the fact that John invited us to stay and have supper. I hastily said yes and proceeded to join the 2 hour wait for grub. It was delicious and even though we waited much longer than expected, we all had a wonderful time of fellowship and I hope they camp again so we can go too-and actually camp with them, not just mooch a supper!! The best food is the food that is long anticipated!! The longer the wait, the better the taste-right?
  • If you have never tried Makers Mark in your coffee-you should. It has a nice flavor and makes for nice sleep. I am not a bourbon fan but a nice friend shared a little shot with some coffee and I brought it home and consumed it. I give it a thumbs up. I'm still not buying any bourbon though-but if perhaps the opportunity ever presents itself again I will partake. It had been well over 10 years since whiskey had touched these lips.
  • I finally finished Rich Man, Poor Man and it remains on my favorites list. It is such a good story about life. Then Friday, I started Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin and stayed up till the wee hours finishing it. After reading a VERY long book, a short book can be consumed in an evening. It is a great book and also the beginning of a series. However, My Sister's Keeper is on the nightstand for right now. I am just a few pages into it and I hope I can get to bed at a decent hour not get sucked in!!
  • Back to school in the morning and I look forward to a bit of normalcy!! We have run run run all weekend. Just a few errands tomorrow and then we hole up for a few days in this little rabbit hole we call home. I hope your weekend was awesome!!


Amy said...

I love Emily Giffen! Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Baby Proof, and Love the One You're With are all great!
When I read Something Borrowed, I felt like the main character was my best friend....In a non psycho way, of course.;)

My mom loved Rich Man, Poor Man by the way....mainly because of thoughts of Nick Nolte, I'm sure.;)

God Bless,

Jacinda said...

Is your road still 'rural'? I like to imagine Bl*** Rd. still as quiet & quaint as it is in my memories.