Friday, September 26, 2008


We have managed to now get two full days of school in a crazy week where one might think we could do none! We have doubled and tripled up on just the basics because our field trips count as school as well. Hubby is on vacation all week. (Maybe you have noticed he likes to consolidate most of his vacation in the hot humid part of summer. He is a very smart man who has to work outside for a living.) We had our little mini vacation to St. Louis and now there is a big festival that hubby likes to e a part of at the end of this week. He will be playing with all three bands and he also volunteers(works like a dog for free-and loves every minute of it) as the entertainment/stage manager for the whole festival. Yesterday we enjoyed one of his perks-we walked to find him to say hello and he drove us to our car in "Big Red". It was fun to pass by all those poor chums that had to walk to their vehicle. (It should be clarified that we did have to walk one way.) Tomorrow we will take advantage of a wonderful science excursion and to accomplish anything this busy busy week is a miracle-yet we have done our schoolwork. Thank goodness for a syllabus and an already planned school year or I would curl up in the fetal position and accomplish nothing.

On a side note, Lilly amazes me. She has learned how to "carry" in addition in one sitting and can't wait to do it. She masters math so easily. I hope "borrowing" comes as easily. However, fractions are kicking the other two in the rear. We are at 2 weeks and I think we will have to have at least 4 to have mastery-which freak that I am is what I work toward no matter how long it takes. Fractions(GCF, LCM, mixed number conversion, adding and subtracting with different denominators) are a bit challenging but I never dreamed they would struggle this much. I hate it that our finances did not permit Teaching Textbooks this year...although I am totally asking Santa for it for Christmas!!

Have a productive and exciting weekend!!

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E.T.'s Mom said...

Hope you had a great scientific day!