Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Forgive Me Father...

...for I have sinned. Since confession is good for the soul, I will attempt to try to itemize the many sins of the last few days.

  • I have begrudged and resented hubby for enjoying his true passion (drums and music) many many times.
  • I have longed for a larger house instead of being content with the one you have blessed us with. We really do love our home...except for the days the walls seem to be closing in on us.
  • I expressed mirth when the perfect children at butterfly tagging erupted into a full-blown fist fight.
  • I have had little patience with mini-me(Lilly) for far too many days in a row. Give me the patience to spend some quality time with her today.
  • I have not been a good steward of money or belongings. I am surrounded by boxes and boxes of things that should be sold on ebay or released into the world through a charity so that they may be used and enjoyed by another.
  • I have not been a good dieter-I have cheated many many times and yet still hop on the scale to find the same weight. I am awed and humbled by your mercy.
  • I have not been a patient teacher. I want to make learning fun but the "just get it all done" side of me keeps winning.
  • I am embracing sleep too often. I long for leisurely mornings of sleep and naps. My energy level has bottomed out.
  • I was happy when I visited my mom yesterday to find her not at home-gone to the DR. with my sister. I hurried to shave my stepdad and fled the scene as fast as possible and hoped I could get to my home before she got back. Wrong, wrong, wrong!!
  • I am not studying your word near enough. My prayer life is full but I know you wish me to grow in the knowledge of your word as well. Create in me the desire to do so.
  • Most of all, I am not "blooming where I am planted". In fact, most days find me withered on the vine. Help me bloom.

There, I feel much better. This is a small list but it covers most of the biggies. No one wants to read the unabridged version.

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Mia said...

oh my dear you are much too hard on yourself!