Monday, September 22, 2008

Some Days Are Diamonds, Some Days Are Coal

This one is coal so far. We have seen glimpses of diamonds glittering below the surface. The next two days will be extremely busy ones so the need to get alot accomplished today is bearing down on me. This means the day has been completely unproductive so far(at least as far as school goes). Since Erik is on vacation, the kids have gone into full helpless mode thinking that if they can make the day difficult, we will just declare the day an off day and they can play. It AIN'T happening. I love having Erik at home and it just infuriates me how the kids are so uncooperative when he is home. I know it infuriates him as well. He doesn't know whether to be menacing or ignore them or just leave and let us do school. Usually the latter is what happens and that just isn't fair-to anyone.

I wish, just for once, the kids would act as if he wasn't here(without him having to physically leave!) and just have a normal school day.


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Mia said...

Are we polishing diamonds today or sweeping up coal?
Miss talking to you!