Saturday, September 20, 2008

Random and Odd

  • Daisy has finished her quarantine time. However, it is Saturday and neither agency is open that could issue her walking papers. Oh well, she prefers being a housedog anyway.
  • Daisy is at least half goat. While she doesn't eat everything, she will chew almost anything in her path.
  • Go and enter this contest!!! Especially you, Mia!!
  • We have a hammock now, score!!! It was only $5 at a yard sale, score!!! We obtained other valuables to numerous to mention while yard saling today!!! SCORE!!!
  • Rich Man, Poor Man is just as awesome as I remember and completely responsible for my sketchy blogging lately. Irwin Shaw is the author. A must read. R rated though, for those who might offend easily.

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