Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Good News/Bad News

The good news is that going to church tonight, surrounded by good friends, participating in studying the word and being distracted a bit by good things finally stopped my tearfest.

The bad news is I came home and began the tearfest again. The really bad news is the reason for the tearfest. I am telling you this and coveting your sincere prayers NO MATTER WHEN YOU READ IT!! God is NOT constrained by time like we are.

You may remember a certain beautiful black lab that we rescued on a deserted country road. You may recall that I was frustrated to bring another pet into our fold. Of course, then you will recall that Daisy charmed her way right into the hearts of this entire family-even the cats. We have several neighbors who love her so much they call us to thank us for "sharing" and want to help with her animal care expenses. She is very lovable. Toby's wife. We are crazy about her.

Today, while playing with an elderly neighbor (with very thin elderly skin), she bit him instead of his paper she was playing with. (He was playing with her with his paper-I know that sounds odd!) She broke the skin and there was bleeding. He is OK but very worried about rabies-completely understandable. This man did not know us or that she was our dog. He did the only thing he could think of which was to *GASP* call animal control and report the bite. THEN he asked around to some neighbors to find out whose dog she was and if she had her rabies shot. Now here is the REALLY BAD part, she hasn't gotten it yet. We were planning to take her for that and getting her fixed next week.

Now, the wheels are in motion for animal control to come and pick her up tomorrow. I am devastated. If you do a google search of rabies testing of dogs, you will understand why I am crying buckets. Through tears and ungraceful crying I tried to explain to him what it entails. He doesn't want any of this to happen and he very much wants to withdraw his complaint. He also firmly believes I am wrong and that animal control will just come out, look at her, declare her fine and go on back to headquarters. HOWEVER, animal control is not known for being warm and fuzzy. It is basically dog law enforcement and a very big deal.

We may lose our baby and I need your prayers desperately.


Mia said...

Oh poor Daisy! I am so sorry Jan. I am praying right now.

Anonymous said...

i am sorry too! I liked her.

please keep my family in your prayers.
check your email too.
we need prayers.


Anonymous said...

Oh, and I hope your other posts were not talking of me?;)
You don't offend me. You enable me:) You help more than you think.
Our family is going thru a TON!!
AND since we talked, I enjoyed my library lady experience Tues. although we will still change our day......I always see the other side of things etc...but in all my grief, I get helped bring the good back out in me. one time though. heehee
Don't beat yourself up.