Thursday, September 11, 2008

9:15PM Both dogs in the house for the night. Never happened before.
12:35AM I go to bed praying Daisy sleeps through the night and doesn't chew anything valuable.
5:30 AM I am awakened to the unmistakable thump thump thump thump...of a Daisy tail on hardwood floor. Get up and take both dogs outside where the three of us sit in the back yard looking at one another. My sincere hope that a bathroom break might take place was dashed.
5:40AM Back in the house and back to bed, Daisy joined us-another first.
6:15ish Erik up and getting ready for work. Daisy and I stretched out on the bed. Erik encourages me to get up and get gone.
6:30AM Erik to work.
6:31 AM Erik called and informed us animal control was already pulling into the neighbor's driveway. We had our escape plan all planned out.
6:35 AM All three girls and me dressed, 2 dogs on a leash ready to flee the scene. Our plan was to take Daisy to the vet for her spaying and shots and then not be home during animal control hours until the heat was off. Fugitives.
6:36 AM Animal control and the neighbor pulling into our driveway. Our plan was foiled.
6:37 AM Inner debate about whether to hide and pretend we aren't home or face the music. After silent prayer, opened the door and stepped out to greet them. Officer was very nice, very doubtful that Daisy has rabies and asked us to quarantine her in our home for 10 days and then someone will come out and visually inspect her. Then it will be over. We are fortunate that there have been no cases of rabies in our state for many many years.

I consider this our miracle and I am very happy. The next 10 days will be very hard, but it beats the alternative.


Mia said...

A reprieve!!!Hopefully a permanent one : )

Jen, Fred, Jennifer said...

OH!!! How horrible, but seems to have a happy ending! I can't imagine how scared you were......hugs Janice, and belated prayers.....