Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Don't Take It Back!

Mia gave me an award and I promise to jump through all the hoops to claim it...tomorrow!! Today, I must post on this little tidbit from one of my favorite writers/websites: The Simple Dollar. He is very thoughtful and straightforward, I hope you add him to your favorite daily reads. He has made a point(of many points) that I will be pondering for the rest of my life!! Here it is:

"Reduce your time spent in activities that make you feel bad about yourself. Then, fill that time with activities that are positive. For example, if you spend hours each night watching television programs that make you feel bad about yourself at night when you climb into bed, look for other forms of entertainment - uplifting and educational programming. Or, turn off the television entirely and engage in exercise or other activities that increase a positive feeling about yourself."

DUH!! Is this not totally a no-brainer?? So why then do I choose to do things continuously that make me feel bad. Am I some kind of sadomasochist? As I sift and sort through umpteen years of clutter and junk, I am reminded of some really bad choices I have made. Poor investments of time and money. Poor investments of time and money make me feel bad about myself. I am glad this little tidbit came across my path today-it is a reminder to spend wisely-time as well as money. Time on this earth, not just hours in a day. I have a reason for being here. Sometimes I get lost in the shuffle of life and forget that I have a higher calling other than just laundry, meals and dishes.

I hope it inspires you and encourages you as much as it has me.


E.T.'s Mom said...

Yes, it inspires and encourages me. Daily life has a nagging way of consuming the exciting big picture of life. Thanks for the reminder.

Mia said...

Oh I so have a love/hate relationship with our tv. For years we were without cable. I miss those days : (