Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Miss Me?

I missed you. A little. Simply because we have traveled back in time to the 50's and it was very enjoyable. We like to go rent a little house in a lake town that is still almost exactly what it was in the 50's. The whole town is unspoiled by corporate America and that makes my hubby really happy. It is a town that really boomed before interstates came along and stole their mojo. We have fished, boated, played shuffleboard, ping pong, foozeball, slapjack, tetherball, and fight with your sisters. It has been a blast. This little trip is a yearly tradition and we all look forward to it.

Now though, we are back to life, back to reality. Today I have to take my step-father to the doctor. Bliss. We will need to do school while at the doctor's office. This will simply overjoy my lovely children, they love traveling school.

I have written no fewer than 75 blog posts in my head this weekend. Not a one springs to mind right now. Ain't that always the way? I gotta go get my shower and take on the day. Have a fun Tuesday!!

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~ Stephanie. said...

glad you had fun! glad you are back!