Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mia gave me this award and I feel so special!! I really like this award-it is cute!! Now I am to pass it along to 7 more people. I could give it to all of the blogs I read, but I am trying to leave some room for others to give awards also!!

Sara M-She leaves me comments often and makes me feel special. She also is one of the most encouraging sisters I know. Go right now and see a couple of adorable children photographed by some great friends!

Stephanie R-She makes me laugh, listens to me vent, gives me curtains, corrects my grammar-but only in her head-what more could a girl ask for in a friend?

Summer-My long distance bud that didn't used to be. I love to give her fodder for blog posts because her breaks in blogging make me cry giant crocodile tears.

Sandy-My homeschooling homie. She has mentored me into a halfway decent school year planner. Thanks for that, by the way. You amaze me with your gift of administration!!

Jason-My California friend. He blesses my socks off with his fresh perspectives and witty banter. He also keeps his sense of humor even when the going gets tough which is A+++ in my book. ( ;

The Foil Hat-She makes the best soap EVAH!! She is creative and ADD which are two things I love (and completely relate to!!). She is also a fellow homeschooler!!

Kristin-My long lost buddy from high school, thankfully facebook brought us together and now I can read her redheaded ravings!! PLUS-we both homeschool, awesome!

Go me, I followed the rules which hardly ever happens.


Kristin said...

Thanks, Janice! I look forward to reading some of your favs.

Jason said...

I love that I bless your socks off! Thank you for the love and the award.

You know, you were one of my very first regular commenters!

E.T.'s Mom said...

Wow! My first blog award. You are so encouraging to me!

Anonymous said...

An award! A major award! When should I expect my frah-jil-ay Leg Lamp? Thanks so much Jan!

Sandy said...

Thanks so much!! I've been a bad blogger, a bad commenter... I'm so thankful that you love me anyway!